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I find very useful and intriguing to organize my pictures under the shadow of the work of someone else. For the photographs I took in the United States, I leaned under Vladimir Nabokov‘s Lolita. Given all the obvious differences, I found myself to have more than something in common with the main character. Humbert Humbert is the mask that Nabokov, coming from the old European continent, uses to explore the body of a young and sensual America: «An […] intelligent reader […] described Lolita as „Old Europe debauching young America,“ while another […] saw in it „Young America debauching old Europe“». I as well came from the old Europe to the United States. So: did I debauched America, or did America debauched me? Furthermore, there is a similarity between Hubert Humbert‘s behavior and my personal approach to photography. When I take pictures I do it alone, by my self, trying not to be seen: I observe unobserved, like Humbert Humbert does with when he spies on his Lolita. And like him, I wonder about my object of desire, but at distance, partially afraid to interact with it, almost ashamed of my urge, and of what I‘m doing.

Humbert Humbert

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